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Welcome to Pearls4Peers, an “On the Go Resource for the Curious Clinician.” 

As a practicing physician and life-long student, I started this website in 2015 in response to great questions that came up on rounds by curious people who want evidence-based answers.  As clinicians, time constraints often do not allow us to deep dive into topics we encounter on rounds.  Think of Pearls4Peers (P4P) as an appetizer: concise, clear and evidence-based answers with references to peer-reviewed journal articles.  All pearls have been written by those in the trenches of the practice of medicine, ranging from seasoned clinicians to residents, interns and medical students, and edited by myself before posting. 

P4P is an open access website, free of charge and free of advertisement. You can sign up to receive new pearls and download the Apple iOS or Android apps, all free. 

I hope you enjoy these pearls as much as I enjoy posting them. Please feel free to send me your comments on how I can improve the website.  I am still learning… 

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Farrin A. Manian, MD, MPH, FACP, FIDSA, FSHEA

Chair,  Department of Medicine

Mercy Hospital-St. Louis

St. Louis, Missouri, USA 63141


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