Does corticosteroid therapy impact the results of interferon-gamma release assays—IGRAs— in patients screened for latent tuberculosis?


The weight of the evidence to date suggests that immunosuppressive therapy, including corticosteroids, other oral immunosuppressants and anti-tumor-necrosing factor (TNF) drugs, may negatively impact IGRA results.1-5

Some studies have reported daily steroid doses as low as 7.5 mg-10 mg may adversely impact T-cell responsiveness in IGRA. 2-4 In a study of patients with autoimmune disorders, 27% of patients on daily prednisolone dose of 10 mg or more had indeterminate QuantiFeron Gold In-Tube test compared to 1% of patients not taking prednisolone.4

A meta-analysis of the performance of IGRAs (including T-SPOT.TB) in patients with inflammatory bowel disease concluded that these assays were negatively affected by immunosuppressive therapy.5

So, be cautious in interpreting a negative or indeterminate results of IGRAs in patients on corticosteroid therapy or other immunosuppressants.

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Bonus Pearl: Did you know that IGRA is not affected by prior Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) vaccination, a significant advantage over PPD skin tests?

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Does corticosteroid therapy impact the results of interferon-gamma release assays—IGRAs— in patients screened for latent tuberculosis?

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